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Book submission: Life and Letters of Sydney Smith V.1

Title: Life and Letters of Sydney Smith V.1
Author: Nowell C. Smith
Publication date: 1855
Library: Sojourner Truth Library- SUNY New Paltz
Call number: PR 5458.A3
Submitted by: Jenna Corti
Multiple newspaper snippets inserted into a random page. One is an article from 1954 that criticized the book and the other is a response to the article written by the Author of the book, N. C. Smith.

Book submission: The Piper

Title: The Piper
Author: Peabody, Josephine Preston
Publication date: Boston, 1909
Library: Sojourner Truth Library
Call number: PS3531. E13 P5 1919
Submitted by: Jordon Fogel
A piece of newspaper, perhaps used as a book mark or a piece that had value to the pervious reader. Titled “Traces Criminality To Pranatal Faults”

Book submission: Goethes Leben

Title: Goethes Leben
Author: Duntzer, Heinrich
Publication date: Leipzig, 1880
Library: University of Waterloo
Call number: PT2051.D8
Submitted by: Jessica Blackwell
I found a clipping from the Munich paper “Der Heimgarten” laid into this edition of Goethe’s life. The article is written by stage actor Ernst Schrumpf and is entitled “Goethes Weggang vom Theater.”

Book submission: Elegiac Sonnets

Title: Elegiac Sonnets
Author: Smith, Charlotte
Publication date: Chichester, 1784 (2nd ed.)
Library: British Library
Call number:
Submitted by: Michael Gamer
BL 11631 g.23: 2nd edition (Chichester).
1) Owner inscription
2) Some scribbling and marking of lines
3) Sonnet V: To the South Downs at the bottom someone has written “The River” under the note saying “The River Arun.”
4) “Sonnet X: To Sleep”: Further marking in pencil. Can’t make out words before first line, but I think they say “Johnston Sr.; last line is highlighted with an “X.”

Book submission: Elegiac Sonnets

Title: Elegiac Sonnets
Author: Smith, Charlotte
Publication date: London, 1789
Library: British Library
Call number: 1346 a.39
Submitted by: Michael Gamer
5th edition. This is the ECCO copy, and it contains two tipped-in illustrations not found in the original publication. There is a tipped portrait of Smith, and an additional frontispiece of Smith that has been trimmed to fit. The latter portrays a woman gazing at the moon, with the following quotation: “Ah then that I to thy soft scenes might go / Poor wretched wanderer in this vale of Woe.” See Behrendt on this for all the info; he does not read this as a fan interpolation. Stephen Behrendt discusses this particular copy in an article, “Following Charlotte Smith’s Elegiac Sonnets through the Press.” Entree au Schrift und Bild: Titelblatt und Frontispiz im England der Neuzeit. Ed. Werner Busch, Hubertus Fischer, and Joachim Möller. Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2008. Pages 250-74.

Book submission: Elegiac Sonnets

Title: Elegiac Sonnets
Author: Smith, Charlotte
Publication date: London: J. Dodsley, 1784
Library: British Library
Call number: 11632 g.46
Submitted by: Michael Gamer
There are a number of corrections and additions.
1) It has a tipped in portrait from 1824 of Smith, and a bookplate: “Stainforth”
2) There also is a correction in the Preface in the first line on p. viii: “The Lines” is corrected to “The attempts” (In the 2nd ed and later this becomes “The little poems” – meaning this correction never happens).
3) On p. viii “some” is crossed out and “several” replaces it (this change is retained for good). This makes it into 2nd ed.
4) On “Sonnet VII: On the Departure of the Nightingale,” on line 10, “hides” is corrected to “shades.” This makes it into 2nd ed.
5) On p. 18 there are several changes at the end of “The Origin of Flattery”:
i) line 102: “faithful memory nurs’d” becomes “memory gently nurs’d” (In 2nd ed this is “memory fondly nurs’d”)
ii) line 108: “Tho’ thou prepar’st” becomes “Tho’ in a form” (This makes it into 2nd ed).
iii) line 109: “Thy pleasing spirit for” becomes “Thy dulcet spirit meets” (NB: in 2nd ed this is “Thy dulcet spirit for” in the 5th ed this is “Thy soothing spirit meets”)
6) On p. 22, “Sonnet, from Petrarch” line 7, “lovely tints” is corrected to “glowing tints” (This makes it into 2nd ed)
7) On p. 25, “Sonnet: To Spring” line 9, “torturing” is corrected to “tortur’d” (This doesn’t make it into 2nd ed).

Book submission: Home

Title: Home
Author: Sedgwick, Catharine Maria
Publication date: Boston, 1850
Library: Widener Library
Call number: AL 3362.38
Submitted by: David Weimer
In the Twentieth Edition published by James Munroe and Company, a loose dedication paper is bound with the book. The library credits the gift of the book to Mrs. Mary B. Rice with the book coming from the library of Franklin P. Rice. The dedication reads: “Mr. & Mrs. Minor Rice with the best wishes of their friend Jos. Allen. Northboro’ Sept. 1. 1851.”

Book submission: Stories of Many Lands

Title: Stories of Many Lands
Author: Greenwood, Grace
Publication date: 1866
Library: University of Iowa Main Library
Call number: PS2247 .S7 1886
Submitted by: Matthew P. Brown
A bestselling journalist and author, “Grace Greenwood” was the pseudonym of Sara Jane Clarke Lippincott (1823-1904). A prolific Victorian writer, she partook of a sentimental aesthetic that reached a broad audience through national and international news coverage for adults, instructive works for children, and moralistic tales for all ages. Greenwood was a “magazinist,” supporting herself (and family) in the literary marketplace through periodical publishing and editing—short pieces that then translated to book publications. *Stories of Many Lands* is one such book publication, one of a series of successes for the children’s market that was borne of Greenwood’s success editing, with her spouse, a magazine for young readers called *The Little Pilgrim*. (Source: *Dictionary of Literary Biography*).

A gift inscription reads “To Elizabeth with best / wishes from / Leo [Les?] Hayes / Oct. 15th 1909.” A signature with formal calligraphy — “Rev. Henry T. Dewey” — is found on a small insert card, at page 113.

Book submission: The Spoilers

Title: The Spoilers
Author: Beach, Rex
Publication date: New York, 1906
Library: Sojourner Truth Library, New Paltz, NY
Call number: PS 3503 .E1135 S6 1905
Submitted by: Maria Hutman
In the book The Spoilers by Rex E. Beach, I discovered a clipping from a newspaper or magazine that was pasted to the first page of the book. The clipping consisted of an advertisement for the play adaptation of the book The Spoilers. Unfortunately, the clipping does not provide a year, just the fact that it was going to start on a Monday night on November 5th and would be shown for two weeks. There was also a picture of the what seems to be the author, Rex E. Beach. In the second instance of marginalia that I found in this particular book, I discovered a little piece of paper that was cut and pasted to the first page of the first chapter. It stated, “Very truly yours, Rex E. Beach”. It seems that it was maybe from a letter written from him to someone and the receiver cut out his signature and put it in the book.

Book submission: A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith

Title: A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith
Author: Holland, Saba
Publication date: London, 1855
Library: Sojourner Truth Library
Call number: PR 5458 .A3
Submitted by: Christine Wohltjen
In a copy of A Memoir of The Reverend Sydney Smith, I found the signature of what looks like the name “Olive B. Sarry” (spelling may be incorrect) written in fountain pen. This was probably the original owner of the book, but after doing some research I could not find any significant information about this person. There are also several inserts scattered through the book. These are probably from a more recent owner of this book, and they are all newspaper articles pertaining to Sydney Smith. One of these is from The Times Literary Supplement, a weekly literary review published in London, that is from February 24, 1945.