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Book submission: John Bunyan

Title: John Bunyan
Author: Brown, John
Publication date: London, 1885
Library: Suny New Paltz
Call number: PR3331.B71885
Submitted by: Holly Tauber
Inscription inside the book:
On her Birthday
My Beloved Sarah
Thankful commemoration of our Happy Union
August 25th 1853
and in
Blessed Hope of re-union in the skies when to each “Pilgrim”, the Saviour Says, “Come in thou blessed of my Father.”
Her affectionate + attached Husband,
February 22, 1886

About the book itself:
Biography of the Protestant preacher and well know writer of ” The Pilgrim’s Progress” (1678). “The book that was the most characteristic expression of the Puritan religious outlook.” cited source: https://www.britannica.com/biography/John-Bunyan

Book submission: The School-Girl in France, A Narrative Addressed to Christian Parents

Title: The School-Girl in France, A Narrative Addressed to Christian Parents
Author: Rachel McCrindell
Publication date: New York, 1845
Library: Tics Library, Tufts University
Call number: PR 4964.M65 S3 1845
Submitted by: Theodosia Catsiapis
At the top of the first page of the first chapter, one can make out the phrase “Who of us shall be most like Emily?” in very faint cursive writing. Emily, a young British girl sent to a Roman Catholic school in France, is the protagonist of the story. In this polemical work, McCrindell warns Protestant parents of the dangers of sending their children to Catholic schools on the continent.

Book submission: Coleridge’s Notes, theological, political, and miscellaneous

Title: Coleridge’s Notes, theological, political, and miscellaneous
Author: Coleridge, Samuel Taylor & Coleridge, Derwent (ed.)
Publication date: London, 1853
Library: Arizona State University Hayden Library
Call number: PR4480.N6x 1853
Submitted by: Sydney Lines
Inscription on title page written by Derwent Coleridge, editor and son of S.T. Coleridge.