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Book submission: The Middy and the Moors

Title: The Middy and the Moors
Author: R.M. Ballantyne
Publication date: 1888
Library: Texas A&M University-Evans Library
Call number: PZ 7 B19 M62
Submitted by: Stephanie Lopez
The marginalia seems to say: “Presented to Master 10th McDonald by the Committee of the Scottish National S.S. Union for regular attendance at the Saturday afternoon class.A.Crawford Seay…Christian Institute Glasgow 29th, March 1902.”

Book submission: La Salle and the discovery of the great West

Title: La Salle and the discovery of the great West
Author: Parkman, Francis
Publication date: Boston, 1899
Library: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
Call number: 971 Parkman
Submitted by: Shelby C. Escott
The handwritten cursive, done in pencil, could elude to the age of the annotations. As cursive is a dying art, its use in this book supports the possibility of these written observations being decades old.

Most of the annotations are character observations, consisting of the words, “Liar,” “Coward,” and “Thief.”

This book is the third volume of Parkman’s “France and England in North America” series, but was the most weathered and worn volume on the shelf.

Book submission: American Men of Letters: William Hickling Prescott

Title: American Men of Letters: William Hickling Prescott
Author: Ogden Rollo
Publication date: Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1904
Library: San Jose State University
Call number: PS 2657 05
Submitted by: Alondra Ibarra
Photograph found on title and publication page.
Annotations found next to title and publication page on the photograph of Mr. Prescott4

Book submission: Complete Works of William Shakespeare Volume 8

Title: Complete Works of William Shakespeare Volume 8
Author: William Shakespeare (Author),‎ Alexander Dyce (Editor)
Publication date: Merrill and Baker London and New York 1880
Library: San Jose State Library (MLK Library)
Call number: PR2753 D91880
Submitted by: Casey Modiri
#718 out of 1000 registered sets.

An image of a painting by J. Bertrand depicting a scene from Othello called “The Death of Desdemona”.

A piece of wax paper is followed by paintings done by artists or pictures representing specific characters.

Annotations in picture of are page 237: circled words, underlined words and margin writing.

Book submission: The Poems and Letters of Bernard Barton

Title: The Poems and Letters of Bernard Barton
Author: Barton, Bernard
Publication date: London, 1850
Library: Ohio University’s Alden Library
Call number: 4079
Submitted by: Alicia Carter
Searching through the stacks of Alden’s 7th floor, I was shocked to find this unique book. The cover is quite simple and in remarkably good shape for its age. Upon opening the book the inside of the cover is inscribed with the name Le Grice; the ink is beginning to bleed but the signature remains intact. The previous owner inserted a page on the end paper from another volume, the inserted page is titled “A Sonnet, Tributary to the Poet Bernard Barton.” The owner has also written commentary on the top of the inserted page, “For long reference to Bernard Barton Lee Lamb’s Letters.” Throughout the novel there is indicators of close reading, including underlining, check marks, and exclamation points. On page 33 there was a unique inscription, “Aged 64. A.D. 1849.” This inscription indicates that the reader has also read other materials on the author and wanted to note the authors age at that specific time in the memoir.