SCS: Almost 40% of 19th-Century Library Books Potentially at Risk

Andy Breeding of Sustainable Collections Services has a new blog post presenting data that suggests up to 39% of 19th- and early-20th-century volumes in OCLC Libraries could be at risk, depending on what criteria are used.

If we assume that titles existing in 50 or more copies nationally are potential candidates for weeding, especially if they have been checked out no more than once, then approximately 39% could be discarded.  If libraries require a zero-checkout threshold for discards, that number drops to 30%.  It’s a good argument for going into your local library and checking out some old books: let’s use the data to save the collections.

You can see Andy Breeding’s blog post here: “Potential Weeding Candidates among 19th and Early 20th Century Books”







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