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Book submission: Low Tide on Grand Pre : a book of lyrics

Title: Low Tide on Grand Pre : a book of lyrics
Author: Carman, Bliss
Publication date: Cambridge [Mass.] ; Chicago : Stone and Kimball, 1894.
Library: University of British Columbia Koerner Library
Call number: PR9206.A75 L5 1894
Submitted by: Grant Hurley
Copy contains sections underlined and numbered throughout. The page photographed bears traces of someone’s attempt to erase them.

Book submission: Works of Lord Byron

Title: Works of Lord Byron
Author: Thomas Moore
Publication date: London, 1832
Library: North Carolina State University’s D.H. Hill Library
Call number:

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Submitted by: Nick Mazzoleni
Brackets, underlines, and notes marking lines as “important” There is also an abundance of check marks written throughout the book.

Book submission: Eclogues, Georgics, Aeneid 1-6

Title: Eclogues, Georgics, Aeneid 1-6
Author: Vergil, P. Maro
Publication date: London, 1916
Library: D.H. Hill
Call number: PA6156 V4 v.1 c.4 1916
Submitted by: Sumner Dudick and Serene Ahmad
The first lines of the Aeneid are scanned with the metrical feet penciled in over the text. Also, the books preserves the “Ille ego…Martis” text in brackets bellow the passage. Although at one time attributed to Vergil, it was later affirmed that these words are themselves marginalia inscribed in the sides of an early manuscript by a later author.

Book submission: Animadversiones In Athenaei Deipnosophistas

Title: Animadversiones In Athenaei Deipnosophistas
Author: Casaubonum, Isaacum, Schweighaeuser, Iohannes
Publication date: Argentorati (Strasbourg), 1805
Library: NYU Bobst Library
Call number: PA3937 .C3 1801 t. 1-9
Submitted by: Connor Gaudet
The seal embossed on this beautiful calfskin binding translates into English as “Seal of W. W. Baron Grenville, Chancellor of the University of Oxford.” Evidently this 9 volume set came from the library of the Right Honorable Lord William Wyndham Grenville. Grenville served as Prime Minister of England from 1806-1807 and head of the humbly named national unity government, the Ministry of All the Talents, formed during the War of the Fourth Coalition. Grenville must have purchased the set (or at least had them bound) sometime between 1810 and his death in 1834, during which time he served as the Chancellor of Oxford University.

MUCH, much later, the books fell under the care of Swedish chef and co-founder of Sweden’s “Gastronomic Academy,” Tore Wretman. Wretman passed away in 2003, though it cannot be determined if Bobst acquired the volumes before or after this date by the information offered by the books themselves.

One of the volumes was checked out just this past year. It’s amazing and wonderful to consider that after more than two centuries of existence, this book is still being made use of. I can’t think of very many practical objects manufactured in 1805 that have the same usefulness and relevance today as they did at the time of their creation.

Book submission: Scrittori Classici Italiani Vol. 1 – 48

Title: Scrittori Classici Italiani Vol. 1 – 48
Author: Various
Publication date: Milano, 1803-1805
Library: NYU Bobst Library
Call number: HB 46.S4 (t.1-t.48)
Submitted by: Connor Gaudet
This 48 volume collection of early Italian economics writings poses an interesting possible narrative and some fun speculation. Donated to New York University in 1938 by “The Society for the Libraries” as part of a larger economics collection in memory of Mrs. J. H. Schiff, Every volume also carries the inscription “Salin 1927” along with what is apparently a previous personal library call number. Many other books in the economics section have “Salin” and a date between 1924 and 1927.

These apparently came from the personal library of German economist, Edgar Salin ( Salin was the nephew of Jakob Heinrich Schiff, a New York banker and financier ( Salin visited and travelled around the US with Schiff in 1910. Schiff died in 1920. The chronology of this set is somewhat confusing, as Salin’s inscription is dated 7 years later. Salin likely had either given the books to his aunt, who then bequeathed them to this Society for the Libraries upon her death, or gave the books directly to the Society in her memory. While we may never know the truth, the books offer enough information to allow us to enjoy these tantalizing possibilities.

Book submission: Ohio In The War

Title: Ohio In The War
Author: Reid, Whitelaw
Publication date: Cincinnati/New York, 1868
Library: NYU Bobst Library
Call number: E 525.R34 v.1 c.1
Submitted by: Connor Gaudet
To Hon. Horace Greeley, with the hearty regards of his obliged friend, Whitelaw Reid, Cincinnati, 14 Feb, 1868.

This was the inscription the author wrote to Greeley from the city of publication and in the year of publication. There is a similar inscription in volume II as well. There are annotations sprinkled throughout, in two hands, one in ink, the other in pencil. The two markings in ink are simple corrections, one changing a year from 1826 to 1836 and the other correcting an incorrectly capitalized “y” The penciled notes appear to be written by someone who was keeping track of the deaths of people who are written about inside the book – generals, governors, etc. This person must have owned the book after Greeley because a number of the noted deaths occurred well after his own passing. Curiously however, one of the penciled notes remarks” Oct. 30 ’62, Greeley says.” It does not appear to be Greeley’s handwriting. It’s difficult to match Greeley’s writing with just two solo characters in the other handwriting (3 and y), but it’s tempting to imagine he may have scribbled that corrected year and taken umbrage with the author’s capitalization of “Young Millikin.”

No accession information is in the book, however, it’s been in Bobst at least since 1996, based on the ILL request slip that was still tucked inside.

Book submission: The Writings of Thomas Jefferson

Title: The Writings of Thomas Jefferson
Author: Jefferson, Thomas
Publication date: Boston, 1830
Library: NYU Bobst Library
Call number: E302.J45 1830 v. 3
Submitted by: Connor Gaudet
Apparently deaccessioned from the Gansevoort-Lansing archival collection at New York Public Library, this copy is still in the stacks at NYU’s Bobst. The title page is inscribed “Cy Lansing.” I’m guessing this was Christopher Yates Lansing (1796-1872) who is mentioned throughout that collection’s finding aid.

Book submission: The Last Essays of Elia

Title: The Last Essays of Elia
Author: Lamb, Charles
Publication date: Philadelphia, 1899
Library: Alderman Library, University of Virginia
Call number: PR4861 .A1 1899
Submitted by: Christina S.
Postage stamps

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Book submission: Life of W.M. Thackeray

Title: Life of W.M. Thackeray
Author: Merivale, Herman Charles
Publication date: London, 1891
Library: Alderman Library, University of Virginia
Call number: PR5631 .M5 1891
Submitted by: Christina S.
Inside right cover:

W. Gordon McCabe / Petersburg / Virginia

Ex libris 5015

[Sent to me by Thackeray’s daughter, Mrs. Anne Thackeray Ritchie, of Kingsley Lodge, Wimbledon, March 1st, 1891].

Book submission: Chaucer’s Prologue, Knight’s Tale, and Nun’s Priest’s Tale

Title: Chaucer’s Prologue, Knight’s Tale, and Nun’s Priest’s Tale
Author: Chaucer, Geoffrey
Publication date: New York 1922
Library: Alderman Library, University of Virginia
Call number: PR1867 .I5 1922
Submitted by: Christina S.
Inscription Front Right Cover:
“Dorothy A. Smith
St. Anne’s School
Box 232”

Drawings of girl and semicircle shaped object

Book submission: The Vicar of Wakefield

Title: The Vicar of Wakefield
Author: Goldsmith, Oliver
Publication date: Boston, 1898
Library: Alderman Library, University of Virginia
Call number: PR3490 .A1 1898
Submitted by: Christina S.

Inscription Inside Right Cover:
“Eugenie Moore
Edgeworth School
122 [ ] Franklin St.
Mar. 3rd, 1898″

Book submission: Samuel Johnsohn

Title: Samuel Johnsohn
Author: Stephen, Leslie
Publication date: London, 1900
Library: Alderman Library, University of Virginia
Call number: PR3533 .S7 1900b
Submitted by: Christina S.
Inside Front Cover on Right:
“Edward Wilson James
Norfolk, Virginia,
January 4th, 1904”

Book submission: Festus

Title: Festus
Author: Bailey, Philip James
Publication date: Boston, 1848
Library: Alderman Library
Call number:

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PR4052 .F4 1848a
Submitted by: Christina S.
Inscription Front Right Page:
Frederick W. Holliday
[Jan.] 29th. 1849

Title Page:
“Fred” W.M. Holliday
Winchester Virginia
[Dec.] 1847

Book submission: Lucile

Title: Lucile
Author: Meredith, Owen (Lytton, Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, Earl of, 1831-1891)
Publication date: Boston, 1875
Library: Alderman Library
Call number: PR4954 .L7 1875
Submitted by: Christina Sohn
Name inscription: “Marion I. Ijams”

Clovers inserted between pages 192-193 and 218-219