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Book submission: Thankful Blossom

Title: Thankful Blossom
Author: Bret Harte
Publication date: Boston and New York, 1892
Library: Ohio University Library
Call number:
Submitted by: Emily King
On page 13 there is parenthesis around a sentence, done in pencil. On page 55 there is marginalia that says “snow sleet rain”, which is also done in pencil.

Book submission: The Book of the Dead

Title: The Book of the Dead
Author: Boker, George H.
Publication date: Philadelphia, 1882
Library: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Call number:
Submitted by: Kevin McMullen
A book of poems that contained veiled critiques and jabs at various people in Philadelphia society. The previous owner has gone through and identified the people being ridiculed, writing their names in the margins, and a few cases including brief biographies of them.

Book submission: Widow Bedott Papers

Title: Widow Bedott Papers
Author: Frances M. Whitcher
Publication date: 1883
Library: Love Library, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Call number:
Submitted by: Andrew Jewell
Contains an inscription by a librarian explaining the value of the book to the University’s earliest students

Book submission: The Diaries of William Charles Macready

Title: The Diaries of William Charles Macready
Author: William Charles Macready
Publication date: New York, 1912
Library: Ryerson Library
Call number: PN2598.M3 A3 1912 v. 1
Submitted by: Marion Grant (Group 4)
A collection of diary entries from William Charles Macready’s life dating from 1833- 1851. It was edited by William Toynbee and published in two volumes.

Book submission: Complete Works of Robert Burns

Title: Complete Works of Robert Burns
Author: Burns, Robert
Publication date: New York 1860
Library: Ryerson University Library
Call number: PR4300.1860.N4
Submitted by: Lorraine Janzen Kooistra
Gift Inscription January 1866: Mark Gould to Miss Carrie Boynton, with flourish
Ownership inscription on title page: Elanor Dumler (?) 1932
Signature “Mrs J F Boardman” on interior illustration, “The Jolly Beggars”

Book submission: The Poems of Oscar Wilde

Title: The Poems of Oscar Wilde
Author: Wilde, Oscar
Publication date: Boston, 1909
Library: Gertrude Kistler Memorial Library, Rosemont College
Call number: PR 5814 1909
Submitted by: Tim Jackson
Mary Isabelle O’Sullivan, 1911:
January 13th
1854-1900 (November 30th)
“Verbis meis addere nihil audebant et super
illos stillabat eloquium meum. Job xxix., 22.”