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Book submission: The Vision of Dante Alighieri

Title: The Vision of Dante Alighieri
Author: Translated by Rev. Henry Francis Cary
Publication date: London, 1910
Library: D.H. Hill Library at NC State
Call number: PQ4315-C37
Submitted by: Taylor Wolford
The first page of the book before the cover page is signed by a previous owner Clarence Poe and dated December 19, 1910 with the location included as Singapore. In the bottom-left hand corner, there is a publishing sticker from Methodist Publishing House Printers, Publishers, & Booksellers with the address Stamford Road Cor. Armenian Street, Singapore. There is another page in the book that includes notes and themes from the text.

Book submission: Rivers to the Sea

Title: Rivers to the Sea
Author: Teasdale, Sara
Publication date: New York 1915
Library: NC State University D.H. Hill Library
Call number: PS3539 .E15 R5
Submitted by: Sarah Alford
This book had pages torn out throughout the entirety of the book. This one particular section I photographed had three pages torn out.

Book submission: Shakespeare’s Sonnets Reconsidered: And in Part Rearranged with Introductory Chapters, Notes and a Reprint of the Original 1609 Edition

Title: Shakespeare’s Sonnets Reconsidered: And in Part Rearranged with Introductory Chapters, Notes and a Reprint of the Original 1609 Edition
Author: Shakespeare, William (Edited by Samuel Butler)
Publication date: New York, 1899
Library: Northumbria University
Call number:
Submitted by: Philippa Belding

Book submission: The Founders Of Geology

Title: The Founders Of Geology
Author: Geikie, Archibald
Publication date: Macmillan And Co, London, 1897
Library: Northumbria University Library
Call number: 07500 838647
Submitted by: Nicholas Whitbread
The condition of this book was in a slightly poor condition, this could be the result of the book’s age. The unique features of this book include folds at the top of the page from previous readers of the book marking pages, what make this interesting is that they are evidently old marks as lines from the fold have stained the other pages. Although this book has been placed in many libraries, a pare of initials at the top of the 2nd page (CK) implies it was once privately owned. In addition, there are a number of pages throughout the book which have been annotated by a pencil in the margin, these marks include simple lines and arrows pointing to the the bottom of the page. There is also a series of numbers next to the details of the books author and publication, this is a result of someone attempting to reference the books details by numbering the order in which to reference the books information.

Book submission: Wilmot’s Notes

Title: Wilmot’s Notes
Author: Wilmot, John Eardley
Publication date: London, 1802
Library: Northumbria University City Campus Libray
Call number:
Submitted by: Jack Bonnar
The traces are five names that appear on the title page. Four of which are written in ink and one is written in pencil. All names have been crossed out with one line through the name. Possibly the names of previous owners who crossed out the last name before adding theirs, until the book was given to the Newcastle Upon Tyne Polytechnic Library and subsequently got into Northumbria’s later on.