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Book submission: Maple Leaves: Canadian History and Quebec Scenery

Title: Maple Leaves: Canadian History and Quebec Scenery
Author: Le Moine, James MacPherson
Publication date: 1865
Library: Université de Montréal
Call number: Collection Melzack (MZc0216 Sér.3)
Submitted by: Beth Knazook
Inscription reads: “Florence Levey / Cataracoui / Quebec / Canada East.”

Florence Levey (d. 1936) was the daughter of Charles Eleazar Levey, a prominent banker and importer who purchased the Cataraqui villa in 1863, a lavish residence that is both described in the book’s text and illustrated by two photographs: in the frontispiece, as well as a photograph opposite page 88. (Family members are visible on the lawn in the first photograph, one of whom is probably Florence herself.)

Copies of “Maple Leaves” were extensively extra-illustrated, and it is likely that Florence selected the frontispiece photograph as well as others within the text.

Book submission: Adam Bede

Title: Adam Bede
Author: Eliot, George
Publication date: London, 1906
Library: Sojourner Truth Library
Call number: PR 4656. A1
Submitted by: Samantha Grober
This volume is bound in cloth with a flat back and a dark green colored top and back. Has various pencil underlined passages that highlight the drama and romance of the narrative. There is gold leaf inscribing the title and the publisher on the book’s spine.

Book submission: Adam Bede

Title: Adam Bede
Author: George Eliot
Publication date: London, 1906
Library: Sojourner Truth Library
Call number: PR 4656. A1
Submitted by: Samantha Grober
This copy of Adam Bede is from the Everyman’s Library Series and was edited by a man named Ernest Rhys. This book is a cloth bound volume with a flat back and a dark green colored top. Although this volume is old, it doesn’t look like it has been rebound in an point in it’s history. However, the spinal binding is deteriorating around the top part of the novel. This version of Adam Bede also has gold leaf printed on the spine to display the title and the publisher while the cover and back boards are blank. There were a few interesting features, specifically the two title pages inside of the book. They were printed to mimic the Medieval Style of the illuminated manuscripts. One page has a quote from a Sir Philip Sidney commenting something about how this novel will hold children from play and stop old man from going to chimney corners. Fitting, considering the dramatic nature of the narrative. This book isn’t profusely annotated, but it is profusely starred and underlined in pencil (see images). I have read the underlined text multiple times and I can’t fathom any reason for these markings besides the reader was really into the dramatic romance plot. One of the most marked up pages in the text has to do with Hetty deciding to leave home with the Poyser’s and travel to Captain Donnithorne. She is doing this because she is pregnant with his baby and feels like she is being forced to marry Adam Bede so she decides to lie to her family, claiming to go visit Dinah, and instead plans to travel to find Arthur. A few passages that are chocked full of dramatic and romantic content.

Book submission: John Bunyan

Title: John Bunyan
Author: Brown, John
Publication date: London, 1885
Library: Suny New Paltz
Call number: PR3331.B71885
Submitted by: Holly Tauber
Inscription inside the book:
On her Birthday
My Beloved Sarah
Thankful commemoration of our Happy Union
August 25th 1853
and in
Blessed Hope of re-union in the skies when to each “Pilgrim”, the Saviour Says, “Come in thou blessed of my Father.”
Her affectionate + attached Husband,
February 22, 1886

About the book itself:
Biography of the Protestant preacher and well know writer of ” The Pilgrim’s Progress” (1678). “The book that was the most characteristic expression of the Puritan religious outlook.” cited source:

Book submission: The School-Girl in France, A Narrative Addressed to Christian Parents

Title: The School-Girl in France, A Narrative Addressed to Christian Parents
Author: Rachel McCrindell
Publication date: New York, 1845
Library: Tics Library, Tufts University
Call number: PR 4964.M65 S3 1845
Submitted by: Theodosia Catsiapis
At the top of the first page of the first chapter, one can make out the phrase “Who of us shall be most like Emily?” in very faint cursive writing. Emily, a young British girl sent to a Roman Catholic school in France, is the protagonist of the story. In this polemical work, McCrindell warns Protestant parents of the dangers of sending their children to Catholic schools on the continent.

Book submission: Les Miserables

Title: Les Miserables
Author: Hugo, Victor.
Publication date: New York, no date given.
Library: Georgetown College Library, Georgetown, KY
Call number: PQ 2286 .A3 W724
Submitted by: Michele Ruth
Inscription reads: G M Spears Georgetown KY March 20th 1886 In cars going home from Florida.
The title page is stamped with his name: George M. Spears.
Considering its age, the book is in great condition. I find the inscription fascinating because of the date and the mention of cars. I can only imaging what it must have been like to travel from Florida to Kentucky in one of the first cars. I also find it very interesting that he chose to document that moment in history in this book.

Book submission: Standard English Poems: Spenser to Tennyson

Title: Standard English Poems: Spenser to Tennyson
Author: Pancoast, Henry
Publication date: New York, 1899
Library: Sojourner Truth Library, SUNY New Paltz
Call number: PR1175 .P35
Submitted by: Nicole Short
Includes name inscription of Amy Louise Abel, 1910 graduate of Plainfield High School, NJ. Most notes presumably made by Miss Abel in pencil on blank pages at the beginning and end of the book. Most center thematically around God/religious outlooks on life. Typed insert of an Anna Bartlett Warner poem (and introduction) inside front cover dated 1915. Pages 331-357 are missing. Donated to the SUNY New Paltz library by Mr. Dubois LeFevere, a man descended from two of the French Huguenot families (both Dubois and LeFevere) that originally founded New Paltz in the 1700’s.

Book submission: Coleridge’s Notes, theological, political, and miscellaneous

Title: Coleridge’s Notes, theological, political, and miscellaneous
Author: Coleridge, Samuel Taylor & Coleridge, Derwent (ed.)
Publication date: London, 1853
Library: Arizona State University Hayden Library
Call number: PR4480.N6x 1853
Submitted by: Sydney Lines
Inscription on title page written by Derwent Coleridge, editor and son of S.T. Coleridge.

Book submission: Thankful Blossom

Title: Thankful Blossom
Author: Bret Harte
Publication date: Boston and New York, 1892
Library: Ohio University Library
Call number:
Submitted by: Emily King
On page 13 there is parenthesis around a sentence, done in pencil. On page 55 there is marginalia that says “snow sleet rain”, which is also done in pencil.

Book submission: The Book of the Dead

Title: The Book of the Dead
Author: Boker, George H.
Publication date: Philadelphia, 1882
Library: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Call number:
Submitted by: Kevin McMullen
A book of poems that contained veiled critiques and jabs at various people in Philadelphia society. The previous owner has gone through and identified the people being ridiculed, writing their names in the margins, and a few cases including brief biographies of them.