Book Traces inspires “Hidden Collections” Grant for UVA Library

In 2015-16, Book Traces founder Andrew Stauffer will serve as Co-PI on a Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Hidden Collections grant to discover and process unique 19th-century books in the circulating collections in Alderman Library at the University of Virginia.

More from UVA Today here:

University of Virginia
Hidden in Plain Sight
Principal Investigators: Kara McClurken and Andrew Stauffer

Our project will create metadata to record significant unique characteristics of titles in the circulating collections of the University of Virginia Library, focusing on 19th century titles.  Many titles in our 19th century circulating collections have evidentiary or artifactual value due to characteristics such as marginalia, inserts, unique bindings, etc.  Although these books are in the catalog, the unique, distinguishing features of the books are undocumented and therefore undiscoverable, hidden in plain sight in our stacks. We will provide enhanced metadata for these titles, and create a protocol for the discovery and sorting process which we will share so that institutions can cooperate on preservation and retention projects.

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