Book submission: Writing of James Madison

Title: Writing of James Madison
Author: Gaillard, Hunt
Publication date: New, York 1901
Library: San Jose State University
Call number: E 302 M22 v.2
Submitted by: Maria Corona
I found the book Writing of James Madison, edited by Gaillard Hunt. I photographed page 344 because the rest of the annotations were hard to read. This reader marked the sections of the page that he thought were necessary to learn with an x in the middle. The reader wrote in the margins “agreement w/ Washington.” These annotations signal that the reader found importance in a specific part of his reading. The paragraph that is marked makes it easier to go back and re-read a specific section to help the reader better understand what he/she was reading. The reader also annotated what he was reading about by writing words that specify what the reader is reading. Writing things like “agreement w/ Washington” facilities the reader’s ability to go back to a specific topic that he/she was learning at the time. The reader was acquiring knowledge because he/she was able to determine and note the main subject of what he or she was reading. The reader continues the annotating process in the previous and following pages, demonstrating that they understand and find importance in specific sections of the book. The annotations are hard to determine when they were added to the book, the lines are lightly faded but are still eligible.

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