Book submission: Valérie

Title: Valérie
Author: Krüdener, Barbara von
Publication date: Paris, 1878
Library: Butler Library
Call number: PQ 2320.K8 V3 1878
Submitted by: Cameron Molis
From the library of Marguerite Mespoulet

The first image is of writing found on the first recto after the cover (which is a soft paper cover).
The notes provide the birth and death year of the author Barbara von Krüdener and includes some quick bibliographic facts such as, “m. at 18”, the date of publication of the book, “1803”, and a note that, “[Barbara] is herself the heroine (somewhat veiled).”

Under this main block of text, she also mentions that Barbara was great friends of Czar Alex I.

The second image is found on the last recto before the back cover.

Here, the writer of the notes lists three of the characters from the book, and then provides a few page numbers with basic descriptions of what is on those pages. For example, the notes make mention of page 164 and first simply say, “The portrait by Angelica”, but then elaborates by making reference to the portrait she is talking about which is called “Baroness von Krudener and her Son Paul” and resides at Le Louvre.

The third image is an ownership inscription on the seventh verso.

The fourth image shows a part of the cover which bears the mark of a bookbinder from Philadelphia, Henry N. Yerger, and includes the line, “Patented April 2D, 1912”.

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  1. My apologies! For anyone who sees this, the pictures as shown above are in the opposite order from the way in which I described them in the description. Sorry for the confusion.

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