Book submission: The Story of Perugia

Title: The Story of Perugia
Author: Symods, Margaret and Lina Duff Gordon
Publication date: London, 1908
Library: Henry Buhl Library
Call number: DG 975.P4S9 1908
Submitted by: Karen Greennagel
Written as a guidebook for travelers, this book tells the story of Perugia, a small town in central Italy.

The front cover, spine, and top edge are gilded with gold. Upon opening the book, there is a note that states:

“Carnegie Library
Grove City College
Grove City, Pa.
Gift of
J.C. Downs
Class 937.4 Book S98
Accession 46254”

On the facing page is the name “Mrs. F. A. Roath” written in pencil. In the margin of first page of the preface, a note reads “Gift. June 1948” and at the bottom of the same page, the number “46254,” which is the accession number from the note on the back of the front cover. Several pages throughout the book are stamped (by impression, not with ink):

“Carnegie Library
Grove City College
Grove City, PA.”

A folded map of Perugia, seemingly included with the purchase of the book, was tucked between the last pages.

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