Book submission: The Spoilers

Title: The Spoilers
Author: Beach, Rex
Publication date: New York, 1906
Library: Sojourner Truth Library, New Paltz, NY
Call number: PS 3503 .E1135 S6 1905
Submitted by: Maria Hutman
In the book The Spoilers by Rex E. Beach, I discovered a clipping from a newspaper or magazine that was pasted to the first page of the book. The clipping consisted of an advertisement for the play adaptation of the book The Spoilers. Unfortunately, the clipping does not provide a year, just the fact that it was going to start on a Monday night on November 5th and would be shown for two weeks. There was also a picture of the what seems to be the author, Rex E. Beach. In the second instance of marginalia that I found in this particular book, I discovered a little piece of paper that was cut and pasted to the first page of the first chapter. It stated, “Very truly yours, Rex E. Beach”. It seems that it was maybe from a letter written from him to someone and the receiver cut out his signature and put it in the book.

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