Book submission: The Lady of the Ice

Title: The Lady of the Ice
Author: De Mille, James
Publication date: New York: D. Appleton, 1870
Library: University of British Columbia Koerner Library
Call number: PR9207.E26 L2
Submitted by: Grant Hurley
As the stamp on the first page of James De Mille’s comedy of Quebec indicates, this copy was part of Cobb’s Select circulating library of Chicago. One of its readers has annotated the title page: under “a novel” they have written “and a foine book” and indicate under De Mille’s name that the author is “of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada” – maybe this citizen of Chicago was a displaced Canadian Maritimer. The reader has also added commentary to several of the book’s illustrations: “Look out old man she is a short waisted girl” and “They crossed the Chicago River without the aid of a single policeman.” Finally, under the name of the book on the first page, they have written “Sister to Lot’s wife.”

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