Book submission: The Good Time Coming

Title: The Good Time Coming
Author: T.S. Arthur (Timothy Shay)
Publication date: 1855
Library: University of Iowa Main Library
Call number: PS1039.A77 G63 1855
Submitted by: Beth B.
Mrs. Mary A Pinnell, Portland. Me. September 6, 1877 (written with a pointed pen in copperplate letters)
Desire not to live long, but to live well: How long we live, not years, but actions tell
Mrs. D.A. Clements
Twenty-two years after publication of “The Good Time Coming” by famous author T.S. Arthur this edition fell into the possession of Mrs. Mary A. Pinnell. A basic Internet search found no significant information about Mrs. Pinnell. I also, could not find any additional information about the second name Mrs. D.A. Clements. A great deal of information can be found on the author and his work with literary magazines and books. Timothy Shay Arthur worked at times with Edgar Allen Poe and was even considered more famous than him during that time in history. T.S. Arthur’s fame came from his publication of Arthur’s Home Gazette that catered to the families and middle-class Americans.

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