Book submission: The Essays of Robert Southey

Title: The Essays of Robert Southey
Author: Southey, Robert
Publication date: Tunbridge Wells, 1853
Library: Butler Library, Columbia University
Call number: 825So8 M 32
Submitted by: Karla Nielsen

We found two of three volumes of essays by Robert Southey compiled by J.M.B. who identifies him/herself on the title page and appears to have title pages printed up in 1853. J.M.B. pulled these essays of Southey from periodicals in the 1820s, sometimes cutting pages in half so that only text by Southey appears throughout. The book maker added blank paper in a similar stock to fill out those pages, one of many efforts to give the compilation the appearance of an integral printed book.

Each volume starts of with a hand-written table of contents for that volume in a very neat hand that instead of listing page numbers indicates the original publication date of each essay. The same hand supplies additional quotes at the end of many essays. Each volume ends with an index or appendix of supplementary information (often about the people under discussion in Southey’s essays) also cut from elsewhere. The third volume ┬áin this series (1 of 3) was uploaded to Google Books (which took the title page at face value)and has not found its way back to the Butler stacks.

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