Book submission: The Ancient Classical Drama

Title: The Ancient Classical Drama
Author: MOULTON, Richard G.
Publication date: London, Edinburgh, New York, 1898
Library: Sojourner Trith Library – SUNY New Paltz
Call number: PA3024.M6
Submitted by: Raisa Lassance Chiarelli
(1) . Song of Solomon 2.11-13 (page 7)

(2). ___aigh says [th]ere no [e]vidence for [su]ch recitations? (page 14)

(3). Aesch. Ag. (page 87) (It means: The reader thought that the fragment of Alcestis sounded like a play from Agamemnon, a play from Aeschylus. Indeed, on the next page the author compares the two plays.)

(4). ____ I took from this page PLUS page 97! (pages 96, 97)

1(1). ll.36 + 37 (pages 150, 151) (It means: line number 36 + 37 / the reader relates the fragment to another on page 82)

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