Book submission: Songs of Kabir

Title: Songs of Kabir
Author: Rabindranath, Tagore
Publication date: New York, 1915
Library: Henry Buhl Library of Grove City College
Call number: PK 1968.K23 1915
Submitted by: Amy Warshaw
Songs of Kabir is a translation by Rabindranath Tagore of the poems of the Indian mysticist Kabir. On the inside cover, the book bears the inscription of its original owner, Alexander T. Orsmond. The inscription is dated April 17th, 1915.

Interestingly enough, the book appears to have been in Buhl Library for quite some time. In the back cover, there is a card detailing the library rules that is brown with age, and which has left an imprint on the other side of the page. The card states seemingly outdated rules, such as limiting amount of books taken by each visitor to one. It also mentions a fine of “two cents a day” if the book is kept overtime–a seemingly insiginant number within the context of today.

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