Book submission: Scrittori Classici Italiani Vol. 1 – 48

Title: Scrittori Classici Italiani Vol. 1 – 48
Author: Various
Publication date: Milano, 1803-1805
Library: NYU Bobst Library
Call number: HB 46.S4 (t.1-t.48)
Submitted by: Connor Gaudet
This 48 volume collection of early Italian economics writings poses an interesting possible narrative and some fun speculation. Donated to New York University in 1938 by “The Society for the Libraries” as part of a larger economics collection in memory of Mrs. J. H. Schiff, Every volume also carries the inscription “Salin 1927” along with what is apparently a previous personal library call number. Many other books in the economics section have “Salin” and a date between 1924 and 1927.

These apparently came from the personal library of German economist, Edgar Salin ( Salin was the nephew of Jakob Heinrich Schiff, a New York banker and financier ( Salin visited and travelled around the US with Schiff in 1910. Schiff died in 1920. The chronology of this set is somewhat confusing, as Salin’s inscription is dated 7 years later. Salin likely had either given the books to his aunt, who then bequeathed them to this Society for the Libraries upon her death, or gave the books directly to the Society in her memory. While we may never know the truth, the books offer enough information to allow us to enjoy these tantalizing possibilities.

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