Book submission: Representative Men: Seven Lectures

Title: Representative Men: Seven Lectures
Author: Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Publication date: Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1903
Library: The University of Iowa Libraries
Call number: PS 1600.F03 v.4
Submitted by: A. Caviston
Ralph Waldo Emerson, most commonly known as the leader of the Transcendentalist movement, was

an American writer of essays and poetry. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, 1803 and attended Harvard College. Some of his well-known essays include Nature, Circles, The Poet, and The Over-Soul. Over the course of his lifetime he gave more than 1,000 lectures. This volume contains several of these lectures. He died in 1882. (Source: Annotations read: “lovers of music” pg. 21 / “could Napoleon?” pg. 23 / “constellation” pg. 27 / “Miad’s “I”” pg. 28. Quotation reads “There is a law by which life is perpetuated” on pg. 110.

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