Book submission: Religio Grammatici: The Religion Of A Man Of Letters

Title: Religio Grammatici: The Religion Of A Man Of Letters
Author: Murray, Gilbert
Publication date: Cambridge, 1918
Library: Grove City College Henry Buhl Library
Call number: PA3004.M81918
Submitted by: Zachary McClelland
The book is in excellent condition considering its age. There are hardly any markings within the pages of the work. On the cover there is a simple, gold-toned reflector, reminiscent of a looking glass, upon which is written the Latin title. There are two small illustrations within the text: the first is the “tout bien ou rien” emblem of Riverside Press, which translates to “everything well done, or nothing attempted,” the second, found at the start of the text, is an arrangement of a simple, classical stage with the sliver of a moon, and one cloud in the background. Interestingly, it was published at the end of World War I, during which the publishing company faced many production conflicts. It regards the man of letters during a time when everyone was much more familiar with the man of war.

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