Book submission: Poems by H. F. Gould

Title: Poems by H. F. Gould
Author: H. F. Gould
Publication date: Boston 1836
Library: University of Iowa, Main Library
Call number: PS 1758.G4 1836 v.2
Submitted by: Kelli Ebensberger
H. F. Gould, or Hannah Flagg Gould, was an American poet known for covering topics such as American history and girls’ coming-of-age narratives (1789-1865). Some of her preserved works are Poems Volumes I & II, “Mary Dow, and The Little Beggar Girl” and “The Rising Monument”. This second volume is from a collection of poems by Miss H. F. Gould. In this copy of volume II, there are two marks of ownership: an inscription and a correction of a typo in the Table of Contents. The inscription inside the cover has unfortunately been partially (first name of owner and month) covered by the Library Catalogue Card and the barcode. The ink is somewhat readable from the back of the page and seems to read “Angela (?) R. Pope/ Jul. 31st 1837.” Also, the owner “Pope” made a correction to the table of contents for the page number correction for “The Yankee Tea Party”, crossing out the original number and writing “152”.

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