Book submission: Owen Meredith’s Poems

Title: Owen Meredith’s Poems
Author: Meredith, Owen (Lytton, Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, Earl of, 1831-1891)
Publication date: Boston, 1859
Library: Alderman Library
Call number: PR4950 1859
Submitted by: Christina Sohn
Left inside cover:
“He is a love-lorn Jeremiah”

“We [ ] him above any of the latest English bard for fervor of imagination, deep in-sight into human motives, strength + clearness of thought + richness of expression. Jb.”

“Owen Meredith writes for a soul steeped in Tennyson. Jb.”

Right inside cover:
W. Gordon McCabe, Virginia. 1860.

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