Book submission: Ohio In The War

Title: Ohio In The War
Author: Reid, Whitelaw
Publication date: Cincinnati/New York, 1868
Library: NYU Bobst Library
Call number: E 525.R34 v.1 c.1
Submitted by: Connor Gaudet
To Hon. Horace Greeley, with the hearty regards of his obliged friend, Whitelaw Reid, Cincinnati, 14 Feb, 1868.

This was the inscription the author wrote to Greeley from the city of publication and in the year of publication. There is a similar inscription in volume II as well. There are annotations sprinkled throughout, in two hands, one in ink, the other in pencil. The two markings in ink are simple corrections, one changing a year from 1826 to 1836 and the other correcting an incorrectly capitalized “y” The penciled notes appear to be written by someone who was keeping track of the deaths of people who are written about inside the book – generals, governors, etc. This person must have owned the book after Greeley because a number of the noted deaths occurred well after his own passing. Curiously however, one of the penciled notes remarks” Oct. 30 ’62, Greeley says.” It does not appear to be Greeley’s handwriting. It’s difficult to match Greeley’s writing with just two solo characters in the other handwriting (3 and y), but it’s tempting to imagine he may have scribbled that corrected year and taken umbrage with the author’s capitalization of “Young Millikin.”

No accession information is in the book, however, it’s been in Bobst at least since 1996, based on the ILL request slip that was still tucked inside.

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