Book submission: Miscellaneous Essays

Title: Miscellaneous Essays
Author: Thomas DeQuincey
Publication date: Boston, 1854
Library: University of Virginia
Call number: PR 453 0 v.3 1854
Submitted by: Elizabeth Walker
Copy formerly owned by William Gordon McCabe (1841-1920), inscribed when he was a member of the “1st Regimental Virginia Artillery, 3rd Howitzer Battery, Campaign of 1861-62, Army of the Penninsula,” with maps showing the disposition of troops along the river at Camp Curtis at Lands End, VA, and a diagram of angles of bombardment for the howitzer.

McCabe entered the University of Virginia as a student in 1860, but soon thereafter joined the Confederate forces and fought with them until the end of the war. One of his Northern friends later called him “the kindest soul that ever cussed or killed a Yankee” (see Armisted Gordon’s memoir of McCabe).

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