Book submission: Maple Leaves: Canadian History and Quebec Scenery

Title: Maple Leaves: Canadian History and Quebec Scenery
Author: Le Moine, James MacPherson
Publication date: 1865
Library: Université de Montréal
Call number: Collection Melzack (MZc0216 Sér.3)
Submitted by: Beth Knazook
Inscription reads: “Florence Levey / Cataracoui / Quebec / Canada East.”

Florence Levey (d. 1936) was the daughter of Charles Eleazar Levey, a prominent banker and importer who purchased the Cataraqui villa in 1863, a lavish residence that is both described in the book’s text and illustrated by two photographs: in the frontispiece, as well as a photograph opposite page 88. (Family members are visible on the lawn in the first photograph, one of whom is probably Florence herself.)

Copies of “Maple Leaves” were extensively extra-illustrated, and it is likely that Florence selected the frontispiece photograph as well as others within the text.

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