Book submission: Elegiac Sonnets

Title: Elegiac Sonnets
Author: Smith, Charlotte
Publication date: London: J. Dodsley, 1784
Library: British Library
Call number: 11632 g.46
Submitted by: Michael Gamer
There are a number of corrections and additions.
1) It has a tipped in portrait from 1824 of Smith, and a bookplate: “Stainforth”
2) There also is a correction in the Preface in the first line on p. viii: “The Lines” is corrected to “The attempts” (In the 2nd ed and later this becomes “The little poems” – meaning this correction never happens).
3) On p. viii “some” is crossed out and “several” replaces it (this change is retained for good). This makes it into 2nd ed.
4) On “Sonnet VII: On the Departure of the Nightingale,” on line 10, “hides” is corrected to “shades.” This makes it into 2nd ed.
5) On p. 18 there are several changes at the end of “The Origin of Flattery”:
i) line 102: “faithful memory nurs’d” becomes “memory gently nurs’d” (In 2nd ed this is “memory fondly nurs’d”)
ii) line 108: “Tho’ thou prepar’st” becomes “Tho’ in a form” (This makes it into 2nd ed).
iii) line 109: “Thy pleasing spirit for” becomes “Thy dulcet spirit meets” (NB: in 2nd ed this is “Thy dulcet spirit for” in the 5th ed this is “Thy soothing spirit meets”)
6) On p. 22, “Sonnet, from Petrarch” line 7, “lovely tints” is corrected to “glowing tints” (This makes it into 2nd ed)
7) On p. 25, “Sonnet: To Spring” line 9, “torturing” is corrected to “tortur’d” (This doesn’t make it into 2nd ed).

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