Book submission: Anticipations of the Future, to Serve as Lessons for the Present Time

Title: Anticipations of the Future, to Serve as Lessons for the Present Time
Author: Ruffin, Edmund
Publication date: Richmond, VA: J.W. Randolph, 1860
Library: Linderman Library, Lehigh University
Call number: 973.68 R92a
Submitted by: Annie Johnson
Edmund Ruffin was a slaveholder and secessionist from Virginia. Ruffin’s racist novel predicts the coming Civil War, but in Ruffin’s vision, the South wins. One anonymous reader of this book registered his or her distaste with Ruffin’s ideas by writing responses to the text in pencil throughout. On the title page, the reader wrote, “the text book of instruction for secessionists.” On the contents page the reader continues, “This book looks as if written by Beverly Tucker, author of the Partisan Leader—published years ago to instruct and prepare the Southern heart for its desolations truly merited, richly deserved.” (Nathaniel Beverley Tucker published the The Partisan Leader in 1836. Like Ruffin’s work, it also predicted a war between the North and South). When Ruffin refers to slavery, the reader writes, “good thing it is abolished.” In yet another section the reader comments, “We thought you were chivalrous—your chivalry showed itself at Andersonville.”

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