Book submission: American Men of Letters: Margaret Ossoli Fuller

Title: American Men of Letters: Margaret Ossoli Fuller
Author: Higginson, Thomas Wentworth
Publication date: Cambridge, 1893
Library: Henry Buhl Library, Grove City College
Call number: PS2506.H51893
Submitted by: Molly Wicker
The book, entitled American Men of Letters: Margaret Fuller Ossoli, appeared at first glance to be a volume in a series, based on the subtitle, “edited by Charles Dudley Warner.” Upon further research, my original suspicion was confirmed when I found out that the book is just one in a series of twenty-two critical biographies “illustrating the social, political, and moral influences” upon the writers they profile. Published between 1881 and 1904, the series was edited by Charles Dudley Warner, who contributed the first volume, Washington Irving. Other authors and subjects included Ralph Waldo Emerson, written by Oliver Wendell Holmes and James Fenimore Cooper by Thomas Lounsbury.

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