Book submission: Adam Bede

Title: Adam Bede
Author: George Eliot
Publication date: London, 1906
Library: Sojourner Truth Library
Call number: PR 4656. A1
Submitted by: Samantha Grober
This copy of Adam Bede is from the Everyman’s Library Series and was edited by a man named Ernest Rhys. This book is a cloth bound volume with a flat back and a dark green colored top. Although this volume is old, it doesn’t look like it has been rebound in an point in it’s history. However, the spinal binding is deteriorating around the top part of the novel. This version of Adam Bede also has gold leaf printed on the spine to display the title and the publisher while the cover and back boards are blank. There were a few interesting features, specifically the two title pages inside of the book. They were printed to mimic the Medieval Style of the illuminated manuscripts. One page has a quote from a Sir Philip Sidney commenting something about how this novel will hold children from play and stop old man from going to chimney corners. Fitting, considering the dramatic nature of the narrative. This book isn’t profusely annotated, but it is profusely starred and underlined in pencil (see images). I have read the underlined text multiple times and I can’t fathom any reason for these markings besides the reader was really into the dramatic romance plot. One of the most marked up pages in the text has to do with Hetty deciding to leave home with the Poyser’s and travel to Captain Donnithorne. She is doing this because she is pregnant with his baby and feels like she is being forced to marry Adam Bede so she decides to lie to her family, claiming to go visit Dinah, and instead plans to travel to find Arthur. A few passages that are chocked full of dramatic and romantic content.

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