Book submission: La Mare au Diable

Title: La Mare au Diable
Author: George Sand
Publication date: Edinburgh, 1930
Library: D. H. Hill Library, North Carolina State University
Call number: PQ2408A10
Submitted by: Erika G.
According to the bookplate, this book came to the D. H. Hill Library via the library of Dr. George Rosen (1910-1977), a physician and professor at Columbia and Yale. However, the book’s original owner appears to be Rev. Seymour St. John (1912-2006), whose name is written in pencil on the opposite page. St. John was a longstanding and popular headmaster at the Choate School in Wallingford, CT, a school which he attended and where he was preceded as headmaster by his father. Based on the book’s publication date and the dates written on the inside cover, this copy of La Mare au Diable may have been one of St. John’s schoolbooks during his final year at Choate. It appears that one of St. John’s peers decided to tease him, because underneath the library card, someone wrote, “[Seymour St. John] is a gross procrastinator and prevoracator [sic].” St. John’s signature also appears on the back cover of the book.

Book submission: Fables de Florian, suivies de son Théatre

Title: Fables de Florian, suivies de son Théatre
Author: Florian, Jean Pierre Clais de
Publication date: Paris, n.d.
Library: D. H. Hill Library
Call number: PQ1983 .F6 F3 1924
Submitted by: Cate Rivers
This beautifully illustrated book has a charmer name tag pasted in the front cover from Claire Kral Necker, a cat biologist, and a gift attribution that I think translates to “Illustrated for Francine.”

Book submission: The Works of William Shakespeare

Title: The Works of William Shakespeare
Author: Shakespeare, William edited by William George Clark and William Aldis Wright
Publication date: N.D., New York
Library: N.C. State University’s D.H. Hill Library
Call number: PR2753 C58 V1
Submitted by:
Notes about species of plants, agriculture, and animals. There are notes about birds, “head of turk” turkey disease, and plants.

Book submission: Macaulay’s Essays: Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous

Title: Macaulay’s Essays: Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous
Author: Macaulay, Lord
Publication date: New York, 1878
Library: Dinand Library, College of the Holy Cross
Call number: PR 4963.A1 1878. v. 2
Submitted by: Jonathan Mulrooney
Book owned by Rev. Thomas Kelly. Account of hearing of the death of his pastor. Kelly wrote in many books now housed in Dinand Library.