Book submission: The Young Diana

Title: The Young Diana
Author: Marie Corelli
Publication date: London, 1918
Library: McPherson Library, University of Victoria
Call number: PR4504 Y6
Submitted by: Cameron Stevens
Personal inscription on left cover: “To Kathleen [indescernible] from Pal Christmas 1919”
Also contains a holiday card: “Had I the unique gift to send. The love my heart is feeling. To change these rimes to Christmas Chimes. They’d surely be a pealing.”

Book submission: North Country Poets

Title: North Country Poets
Author: Andrews, William
Publication date: London, 1889
Library: University of Victoria
Call number: PR105A5V2
Submitted by: Justin Puar
Hand written note on one of the opening pages to a man named James. the date “27 Dec 1889” written at the end of the note. I can’t figure out the rest of the note as I sometimes have trouble reading handwriting.

Book submission: The Blue Fairy Book

Title: The Blue Fairy Book
Author: Lang. Andrew
Publication date: London, 1890
Library: University of Victoria
Call number: PZ8 LB1 1890
Submitted by: Lisa Surridge
Extensive hand-colouring of this copy of _The Blue Fairy Book_, almost exclusively in blue (with some exceptions!)

Names on flyleaf: W. Meyerstein and E. Meterstein

I have referred to this as “drawing” but I think you need a tag for “colouring.”